How to Choose the Right Staffing Firm to Find New Talent & Employees

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If you’re looking to partner with a staffing firm to help your company find and retain new talent and employees, we understand that choosing one can be a difficult choice. After all, the American Staffing Association estimates there are almost 35,000 temporary and contract staffing offices in the United States, with over 3,000 of them read more >

How to Get a Promotion: 5 Tips to Impress Your Boss and Advance Your Career

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Feeling stuck at your job? Like you’ve been doing the same thing repeatedly, forever? Maybe you’re losing interest? Maybe you feel overqualified for your day-to-day responsibilities? Do you know what this means? It’s time to start working towards a promotion, to grow, improve upon yourself, and advance your career. But how? Getting a promotion will read more >

Frequently Asked Questions About the Industrial Staffing Industry

Houston and Austin Staffing Agency frequently asked questions about the industrial staffing industry

1. What types of businesses utilize industrial staffing services? Businesses around the United States of all sizes work with staffing companies to help them grow and to take advantage of the flexibility offered. When you utilize staffing services as an asset, you keep your company fully staffed, even during the busy season. 2. How large read more >

Questions to Ask on the First Day of Work

Houston Staffing Agency questions to ask on the first day of work

1. What should I focus on today? What are some of the biggest challenges facing the team right now? The easiest way to find out exactly what you’ll be doing on your first day is to ask. Asking these questions early on allows you, your manager, and your new teammates to be on the same read more >

5 Interview Tips: What Not to Do in an Interview

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There are many things that can go wrong during an interview, and many managers are willing to overlook a mistake or two, but there are a few behaviors you want to avoid completely. Follow this advice from Staff Force, your Houston staffing company, for a better chance at securing the job. 5 Bad Interview Behaviors read more >

ASA OSHA Alliance Formed to Protect Temporary Workers

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In April 2017, the American Staffing Association and U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration signed an agreement to work together in developing and executing a plan centered on ensuring the health and safety of temporary workers in the United States. The ASA OSHA alliance has two main goals: – To reduce and prevent temporary workers’ read more >

The Importance of Customer Service Skills

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Customer service skills are a great addition to anyone’s resume. Even if you aren’t looking for a job position that specifically emphasizes a need for customer service skills, experience in that area lets a potential new employer know a great deal more about you and your capabilities as an employee. The staffing experts at Staff read more >

How Managers Can Reduce Stress in the Workplace

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Thanks to the ever-increasing speed at which the business world runs, it is no wonder that stress creeps into the workplace every now and again. While a little bit of stress can be a good thing to keep people from becoming too lazy, too much stress often leads to a vicious cycle of mistakes, frustration, read more >

Setting Up Social Media Profiles to Impress Potential Employers

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According to the latest CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring. In 2006, only 11% of employers perused social media profiles pre-hire. If you’re thinking, “Uh-oh,” right now, you might want to consider cleaning up your profiles and changing the way you post in the future. Staff Force, your read more >

4 Mistakes Even the Best Leaders and Bosses Make

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We have a not-so-surprising surprise for you: bosses and leaders make mistakes, just like everyone else. However, the difference between a good leader and a bad leader lies in whether you acknowledge the mistake and work to correct the situation. Staff Force, your Harlingen staffing agency, breaks down 4 mistakes leaders make. 4 Mistakes That read more >