The Process of Accepting Feedback

Accepting feedback

It is very likely that you will receive feedback during an interview or very soon after you have started a new job. Whether it’s harsh, constructive or generic, your test will be how to take that feedback and move on from it. One thing is certain, accepting feedback is an opportunity to better yourself. Take read more >

Tips for Giving Constructive Feedback

Giving constructive feedback

Feedback is an important part of career progress. By giving constructive feedback to an employee or colleague, you are helping them notice opportunities for improvement that can help better themselves in the workplace. However, feedback can sometimes be taken as a personal criticism if not done correctly. Check out these tips on giving constructive feedback read more >

Simple Steps to Become More Productive

Become more productive

Whether it’s in our day to day lives or at work, we could all stand to become more productive. Taking steps to become more productive can lead to a promotion or a raise and a better work-life balance. Try out these simple steps to see if they make a difference in your productivity. Change your read more >

Pros & Cons of Job Interview Styles

job interview styles

So you’ve been trying for what feels like forever to get a fresh start in a new career. You finally get the call you’ve been desperately waiting for to set up an interview, but what type of interview will it be? You’ve got your foot in the door, but with an ever-changing workforce, no two read more >

Company Culture: The Reason Employees Stay

Every generation has their reasons for staying at their place of employment. For the Baby Boomers, it was loyalty to their superiors. For Generation X, it was benefits and retirement. Now for millennials, it is typically the company culture that has them staying true to their job. Culture can come through for a company naturally, read more >

Surprising First Jobs of Famous and Successful People

It’s hard to imagine that the famous people that we see on the big screen and the news ever did anything else, but everyone needs to start somewhere! Take a look at where these famous and successful people started.   Colin Powell, Former United States National Security Advisor  Worked as a furniture salesman to a read more >

5 Key Factors that Boost Your Confidence

Boost Your Confidence

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert, but studies show that extroverts are more likely to win a position. This is largely due to their ability to appear confident during an interview. In the purest sense, confidence is knowing what you’re good at, the value you provide, and acting in a way that conveys that read more >

The Importance of Delegating Tasks

Delegating Tasks

Leaders that share authority often find themselves and their employees on the fast track to success. By dividing and conquering tasks, managers become more productive and encourage their team to be more confident in their day-to-day work life. Are you ready to accomplish more and empower your team? Here are 4 tips for becoming a read more >

How To Be A Better Manager In 2018

be a better manager

The New Year is a perfect opportunity to start fresh. With common health-related resolutions stealing the spotlight like losing weight, eating healthier and exercising more, it’s easy to forget about the ways we can improve in our everyday lives. For managers, the smallest changes can make a big difference for your overall company culture. Here read more >

Great Career Paths That Don’t Require a College Degree

Career Paths That Don’t Require a College Degree

You can’t get a great job without a college degree, right? Wrong! Here are a few jobs that boast a fantastic work-life balance, high pay and low unemployment. Some of these paths do require a form of extra training such as an associate’s degree or a type of professional training. 6 GREAT CAREER PATHS THAT read more >