4 Ways to Connect with Interviewers

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You may be uniquely qualified for a job, but sometimes how well you connect with the individual(s) conducting your interview will determine whether or not you get the job.

Learning to connect with your interviewer allows you to put yourself in the best possible position to get the job offer. A comfortable connection can also lessen the stress of the situation, helping you feel more relaxed and the conversation to flow more naturally, allowing you to more effectively talk about yourself and your skills.

Don’t let a poor connection hold you back from getting the job you want. Use these tips from Staff Force’s trusted temp services in Dallas to help you better connect with the interviewer the next time you interview for a new job.

4 Tips to Connect with the Interviewer

1. Mirror the Interviewer

Pay close attention to the expressions and gestures the interviewer makes. If he or she talks with their hands, do the same. If the interviewer is relaxed and lighthearted, take the same approach (while still maintaining professionalism).

On the other hand, if the interviewer seems stoic and serious, leave the jokes and personal anecdotes behind and stick to the script, so to speak. Mirroring helps create the most comfortable environment for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

Perhaps one of the most simple, yet difficult parts of holding a conversation is maintaining eye contact with the person to whom you are speaking. Strong eye contact may make some people feel uncomfortable, but retaining eye contact with the interviewer shows that you are interested in what he or she has to say. If you tend to look away when stressed or nervous, you may come across as distracted and lacking confidence. No matter how uncomfortable you may feel on the inside, keep eye contact to ensure you portray confidence and interest.

3. Ask Questions

An interview isn’t just the employer’s chance to learn about you; it’s also your opportunity to ask questions and learn what you want to know about the company. Asking questions shows you have a genuine interest in the job and the organization. When you ask questions, it creates a two-way conversation, one that is natural, less boring and much more comfortable for all parties involved.

4. Show Gratitude

Sending a note of thanks isn’t just a nice suggestion; showing your gratitude to the interviewer can make all the difference in whether you get the job offer or not. As soon as the interview is over, express your gratitude and let the interviewer know you hope to hear from them soon. Be sure to ask for his or her business card and email address. The following day, send a thank you email and put a handwritten thank you note in the mail.

If you meet all or most of the qualifications for the job, you will likely get invited for an interview. The interview itself is less about how qualified you are for the job and more about how interested the employer is in having you on his or her team. The interview is your opportunity to let your personality shine and to connect with your prospective employer. Put the tips above to good use to improve your interviewing skills and increase your chances of landing the job opportunity you’ve been seeking.

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