Preparing for an Interview

Preparing for an Interview

The path to successfully landing a new job starts long before you step foot in the actual interview. While acing the interview itself is the main deciding factor for hiring managers, preparing for the interview beforehand is of equal importance. In our previous blog posts, we have discussed some of the steps you can take read more >

The 3 Things You Need to Know About Temporary Hiring

Temporary Hiring

Don’t let all of the paperwork, background checks, and other grunt work of temporary hiring hold you back from getting started. Temporary employees can provide many great benefits to your company, but all of the effort can be daunting.  Here are some concerns that may arise about temporary hiring internally and the benefits of using a read more >

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Woman Writing an Effective Cover Letter

An effective cover letter not only introduces you to prospective employers, but it also helps you stand out. Your letter needs to stand up against many others that are written using templates and generic writing. Most cover letters sound the same – but yours doesn’t have to.  Use the following tips to write your next cover letter effectively and get more read more >

Top Employee Engagement Ideas

employee engagement ideas

Employee engagement is typically defined as the passion, loyalty, and effort an employee gives to their company. An engaged employee is someone who shows up to work every day, ready to take steps and see the company reach their goals. It’s important to think through various employee engagement ideas regularly to ensure that you are read more >

What It’s Like Working for a Staffing Agency

What It's Like Working for a Staffing Agency

When you’re trying to find temporary work or change careers, you have a couple of options. You can apply to a lot of jobs and try them out over time, or you can work through a staffing agency. While applying directly to companies, going to many of interviews, and meeting with hiring managers directly offers read more >

Fostering a Collaborative Work Environment Leads to Success 

Fostering a Collaborative Work Environment starts with your team

All businesses have problems, and the problems that each business face are different. A business that is able to use every resource is more likely to be able to tackle any problem that comes up. Your best resources are your employees. Foster a collaborative work environment and encourage ideas and teamwork to best utilize your greatest assets.  Many modern businesses read more >

Types of Manufacturing Jobs for Your Skillset

Types of Manufacturing Jobs

With the new presidential administration and an increased interest in American-made goods, there is no shortage of the many types of manufacturing jobs available to workers. Manufacturing jobs can be found in almost any industry, from automobiles, tools, and aviation to computers and beyond. The different types of manufacturing jobs available to you vary based on your experience and skillset. Fear not – Staff read more >

Time Management Techniques for Managers

Time Management Techniques

As a manager, it is important to take some time to think about your time. Because there are so many responsibilities, making sure you prioritize is vital to your productivity. Not only do you have to do the tasks that are assigned to you directly, but you also have to handle issues, problems, and questions from your employees. Utilizing a variety of time read more >

5 Benefits of Using a Temp Agency

Using a Temp Agency

The light industrial field requires experts in every area of the business. From the engineers designing products and procedures, to the business leaders that are growing the company, to those on the floor assembling, organizing, and testing the products being built, experts help the business run at maximum efficiency.  Using a Temp Agency Has Many Benefits Using a temp agency is a way to add read more >

What is Light Industrial Work?

Light Industrial Work

While light industrial work is very similar to other manufacturing jobs, the main distinguishing factor is the type of product you are creating. Many of the jobs in manufacturing involve building large products from raw materials using automation machines. On the other hand, light industrial work generally consists of creating and building products and pieces of larger products from pre-made parts using smaller scale read more >