The Affordable Care Act and What It Means For You

Lewisville Staffing Agency

Your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and Lewisville staffing agency not only cares about your employment, but your general education as well. With that said, at this point, many people have heard of the Affordable Care Act, but not many people understand exactly what it aims to accomplish. Even fewer people know that the Affordable Care Act is comprised of three pieces of legislature, such as the Patient Protection Act, the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, and the Affordable Care Act. Together these pieces of legislation are colloquially referred to as the ACA or Obamacare. The Act coalesces multiple legislations because it is such an expansive law, in fact, so expansive that it is the most significant change to the U.S. health system since the inception of Medicare and Medicaid.


In similar fashion to Medicare and Medicaid, the ACA aims to make healthcare more ubiquitous across the nation; but rather than focus on senior citizens or lower income households, the ACA focuses on increased health coverage for all people by ensuring the following:

        1. Ending pre-­existing condition exclusions for children
        2. Ending capricious insurance withdrawals by insurers
        3. Demanding that insurers make alterations to policy and subsequent reasoning for doing so open to the public
        4. Restricting premium dollars use to health care only
        5. Allowing consumers to choose which primary care doctor they want
        6. Reducing the eligibility restrictions for Medicaid
          By focusing on the three main components of consumer healthcare – coverage, cost, and care, the ACA should be poised to severely decrease the national budget deficit by 100 billion dollars over the next decade.


          Your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and Lewisville staffing agency works with many types of employers in order to secure the best opportunities possible for you. Many of the mandates affect full-­time employees only; however, if you work 30 hours or more a week as a temporary or part‐time employee, then you are entitled to health benefits. As a temporary or contract worker under the ACA, you are an employee of the staffing firm, and it is they, not your direct employer, who must provide you with healthcare, the stipulation being that you are a full­‐time employee.

          Staying healthy can be nearly as daunting of a task as getting healthy in the first place, but with proper medical coverage practices promoted by the Affordable Care Act, it does not have to be as difficult any longer. Contact us if you have any additional questions about the ACA and how it pertains to staffing industry related jobs.