Benefits of a Staffing Agency | How to Handle the Screening Process

As your allies in staffing, our job is to find the best candidates for our clients. One of the most critical steps in this process is screening applicants. A well-designed screening process can help identify the most qualified and suitable candidates for a position, leading to successful placements and satisfied clients.

The benefits of a staffing agency like Staff Force extend to various screening options, ensuring you have the best match according to your organization’s values and company culture.

Designing a Screening Process

The first step in handling candidate screening is to design a process tailored to our clients’ needs. This involves understanding the job requirements and identifying the key skills and qualifications necessary for success in the position. We also consider our client’s company culture and values to have a clear understanding of which of our screening processes will help you identify the best candidates.

Staff Force offers the following screenings:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Employment History Verification
  • Personal and Web-Based Assessment of Skills and Experience
  • I-9 Verification Utilizing the Department of Homeland Security E-Verify
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screen

Tips for Managing the Screening Process

Once we have selected the appropriate screenings to conduct, we effectively manage the process to optimize our clients’ time—one of the many benefits of a staffing agency. We do this through the following:

  1. Establishing Clear Communication: We are diligent in clearly communicating our expectations regarding the screening, including deadlines. We also perform extensive personal interviews to go above and beyond traditional staffing methods.
  2. Streamlining the Process: We try to avoid unnecessary delays for efficiency, which requires us to use automated technology for resume screening or scheduling.
  3. Feedback: If a candidate is not ideal for your company, we ask for feedback to find better candidates next time.

Benefits of a Staffing Agency

Staff Force provides a range of services to employers, including temporary and permanent staffing, workforce management, payroll administration, and more. By outsourcing your staffing function with us, we can save you time and money on recruiting and HR tasks.

Our systems also offer access to a wider pool of candidates, including passive job seekers and those with specialized skills and experience. Using our screening services will guarantee the right fit for your company. Contact us today to get started.