Five Tips to Ace Your Next Zoom Interview

How to ace your Zoom Interview

Job Interviews can be nerve-racking enough on their own. Many people struggle with the added stress of making a lasting good first impression through a screen. Virtual interviews can be intimidating and tough– but they don’t need to be. At Staff Force, we’re here to help you succeed. Follow these five tips to ensure that you ace your next zoom interview.

1. Test the Interview Platform Beforehand

Whether it’s through Google Meet, Zoom, or a unique virtual platform, arriving early is still just as important. In our eyes, arriving at a job interview on time is the same as arriving late. Arriving early shows preparedness and initiative. Testing the online interview platform before the interview begins is also a good idea. Knowing where to find simple features like mute, video preferences, and virtual background can all be valuable tools to help you ace your zoom interview.

2. Use the Best Internet You Have Access To

Although this next tip might seem self-explanatory, it is probably the most important of the five. Nothing is more embarrassing than freezing mid-conversation— especially when you have never met the person on the other side of the screen. If you have unreliable internet access at home, try finding an empty conference room in a local hotel or even a quiet spot at the local library to ensure your interview goes uninterrupted. Even though a bad connection is bound to happen to all of us, try to use the best internet you have access to avoid the awkwardness of a bad connection.

3. Choose a Professional Background

Many people don’t have an office space or designated desk in their homes. Avoid the unprofessional background, like sitting in your bed or on your couch and find a chair that you can sit in with a minimally distracting background. You want the person interviewing you to focus solely on what you have to say—not the décor in the room behind you. Most video platforms now offer virtual minimalist backgrounds for this purpose!

4. Be Mindful of Your Body Language and Eye Contact

Despite talking to someone through a screen, it is just as important to maintain good eye contact and confident body language throughout the Zoom interview. Not only does this tip apply when you are speaking, but good listening skills are also essential when interviewing virtually. Try not to interrupt, and add the occasional nod to show the other person that you are engaged in the conversation.

5. Consider the Company Dress Code When Dressing Yourself

One of the most common stressors when going to a job interview is what to wear. Most companies have social media or “Meet the Team” pages on their website. Use these places as tools to figure out how to dress best. If the company doesn’t have any of this information available, a good rule is to dress business casual. Remember, the interviewer will never know if you are wearing sweatpants with your blouse– another bonus to having a Zoom interview!

Staff Force Can Help

Still struggling with the idea of acing a Zoom interview, our team at Staff Force is trained to provide personalized guidance to help you succeed. Contact a team member to get started today!