Tips for Giving Constructive Feedback

Giving constructive feedback

Feedback is an important part of career progress. By giving constructive feedback to an employee or colleague, you are helping them notice opportunities for improvement that can help better themselves in the workplace. However, feedback can sometimes be taken as a personal criticism if not done correctly. Check out these tips on giving constructive feedback in the workplace.

Communicate Good Intentions

Be clear from the start that your feedback comes with only the best intentions. People are very likely to become defensive if they feel they are being criticized. It is important to clearly communicate that you are providing constructive feedback in order to help them improve his or her performance.

Focus on Growth

While feedback often focuses on specific wins and losses, it is also a great opportunity to celebrate their growth. Giving constructive feedback on the professional growth of an individual can lead to empowerment and more productivity. This can be accomplished by recognizing the perseverance that was demonstrated on a long and arduous task, even if it all didn’t come to fruition.

Keep it Balanced

Giving negative feedback is often time more welcome if it is balanced with positive feedback. You can also balance the overall conversation by allowing time for the employer or colleague to give their thoughts or questions on your assessment of their performance.

Keep it Short

A feedback overload may derail any progress that you are trying to make. Keeping the conversation short will lessen the chance the receiver feels attacked or zone out – failing to retain the information that you are trying to relay. Prepare your talking points before your discussion and try to stay on track.

Follow Up

This could be the most important step in giving constructive feedback. Following up with the individual to be certain that the feedback was well received and is being put in to action shows you care. This could involve a verbal discussion or a simple observation depending on your workplace structure and project management tactics.

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