The Importance of a Professional Social Network Online

Professional Social Network

For the past decade, social media has become a huge part of the lives of most Americans. Day in and day out, we check our phones, tablets and computers for what is happening in everyone else’s lives. In a professional sense, social media can be your most powerful tool for growing your professional social network. Are you still relying on events and coffee dates to build your professional social network? While those are still very important, you can grow your network much more easily online. Check out these great tips!

Where to Connect

The three main places that networking gurus recommend you spend your online time are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Your preferred choice of platform will, of course, depend on the types of connections you are hoping to make. LinkedIn is where you will find connections on an executive or C-level, while Facebook and Twitter will allow you to connect with more creative and buzz-worthy sources.

Who to Connect With

Connecting with like-minded individuals is your first step. Forming a relationship when you have things in common is generally a good rule of thumb. Search for influencers and thought leaders in your field. Connect with bloggers and journalists that often report on the subjects that most interest you and your professional environment.

How to Connect

Simply liking or following their page is not enough to form a lasting professional relationship. To get the most out of your connection, ensure that you are visiting their page or profile often to engage with their content by liking and sharing.

Once you feel as if you’ve made a good online impression, it may be time to send them a direct message. This is where your coffee or lunch invitation is best utilized. As with any networking situation, remember to not be too pushy.

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