Branding in a New Age: How Social Media Has Become a Major Force

McKinney Staffing Agency

Times are changing. At this point in history, this statement seems to serve as more of a truism than it does a necessary adage. Ironically, this statement holds more truth than it did ten years ago, and will posses an even greater amount in several more years. This is the result of one factor that is growing at an exponential rate and will continue to do so – technology.

With an almost unprecedented omnipresence, man’s most profound creation has single-handedly altered the way a company interacts with employees and potential employees forever. One of the core ways in which technology has done this is through the way a company brands itself. Your Dallas, Houston, South Texas, and McKinney staffing agency understands that the days of relying on word of mouth and a slick logo design are well over. As of right now, we live in the era of show, not tell. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook have created an intimate portal for outsiders to see the true interworking of your company’s culture.


Facebook and LinkedIn are among the most used platforms when it comes to jobseekers looking for potential employers. If you use these mediums correctly, then you may be able to create a sense of trust with prospective employees before you meet them, and people like to work for people they trust. Using some of the following techniques on Facebook will help to build that trust with potential employees:

  1. Posting pictures of the inside of your business
  2. Posting pictures of employees enjoying the company culture via smiling employees at their work stations, company events and any collaborative sessions
  3. Posting status updates that outline company mission and goals
  4. Posting pictures or status updates that pertain to community involvement
  5. Posting content that outlines current employee interests and extracurricular activities
    LinkedIn is associated with being more business-oriented than Facebook, but similar strategies apply such as:

    1. Creating interest or support groups that align with your company’s services or products
    2. Encouraging the leaders of your organization to interact with potential employees
    3. Posting content that is industry relevant to your business
    4. Posting content that will help both current employees and prospective employees with their career, time management skills, general health, etc.
      These platforms allow us to tell stories and connect with people using methods that have not been present in years past. Establishing a strong online presence is something your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and McKinney staffing agency strives to do and we always encourage you, no matter the industry, to do the same. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your search for ideal employees.