Tips to Prepare for a One-on-One Meeting

Prepare for a One-on-One Meeting

Having a weekly, monthly or yearly meeting with your staff members is essential to figuring out how your team is handling their workload, professional life and if they are feeling valued. Whether you plan on keeping it casual or highly structured, some preparation for the meeting is very important. Here are our tips on how to prepare for a one-on-one meeting no matter how you plan on conducting it.

Create Some Type of Structure

Depending on your management style, a structured agenda may not be necessary. Some managers find it sufficient to at least have talking points organized to stay on track and make sure that they cover all of the topics they hope to discuss.

Remain an Open Book

This is your team member’s opportunity to discuss with you the things that might be bothering them about their position in the company. Whether that includes a conflict with another employee or an outside source that they have been having a hard time dealing with, don’t take it as they are overall unhappy.

Make a Plan for the Long-Run

Few things show that you value an employee like helping them develop their vision for their future. Especially if that future involves climbing the ranks at your company. Help them to set a path to future success whether it’s a one or ten-year plan.

End with Action Items

The worst way for an employee to leave a one-on-one discussion is to feel as if nothing was accomplished. To prevent your employee from feeling as if the discussion was a waste of time, close your conversation with action items. Setting them up with tasks that are concrete and goal oriented, will often give them an overall renewed sense of importance that will set them on a path to excellence.

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