Pros & Cons of Job Interview Styles

job interview styles

So you’ve been trying for what feels like forever to get a fresh start in a new career. You finally get the call you’ve been desperately waiting for to set up an interview, but what type of interview will it be? You’ve got your foot in the door, but with an ever-changing workforce, no two interview styles are the same. Here are the Pros and Cons of a few of the most popular to help you best prepare.

Phone Interview

Before you are even asked for an interview, you may receive a call from a hiring manager. The recruiter will ask you questions that will help the employer decide whether to bring you in for a face-to-face interview, so be alert and on your best behavior whenever your phone rings.

Pro: This is your chance to show off your listening skills. It can be easier to answer questions when the stress of so many factors are not weighing on your mind. Do I have food in my teeth? Did I wear the right outfit?

Con: It is very easy to come across as boring or uninteresting during a phone interview. Some people are just better at meeting in person than on the phone, so make sure that you speak confidently, with good pace and try to answer all the questions. Showing enthusiasm during a phone call can sometimes be difficult, but be sure to let your personality show through your words.

Group Interview

Group interviews are usually necessary for an employer when they are hoping to hire several candidates into the same types of positions. They save time for the hiring manager and help to see how a potential employee might interact with co-workers.

Pro: For those with a personable nature, this is a great chance to put your best foot forward and showcase your winning personality within a group setting. You might even be given a task to do as a team, so make sure you speak up and give your opinion!

Con: While the competitiveness of a group interview can bring the best out in people, it can also bring out the worst. This interview style is naturally biased towards outgoing, assertive personality types—meaning quieter, yet equally talented candidates may be overlooked while extroverts steal the show.

Panel Interview

Imagine having two, three or even more people interviewing you all at once. This is a panel interview and it efficiently provides the employer with multiple opinions about you.

Pro: These panelists come from different backgrounds and roles, so they will each consider your resume and responses differently. Once you have a solid understanding of who’s in the room, you can build rapport by connecting with the interviewers, both as individuals and as a group. Rather than having the opinion of one manager take precedence, you could possibly have someone in your corner to plead for your candidacy.

Con: Several sets of eyes all staring at you and feeling as if your every word and move is being judged. While it’s tempting to focus your attention on the interviewer asking you the questions, be sure to work the room and make eye contact with the other panelists too, as you talk and elaborate on your answer.

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