Questions to Ask on the First Day of Work

Houston Staffing Agency questions to ask on the first day of work

1. What should I focus on today? What are some of the biggest challenges facing the team right now?

The easiest way to find out exactly what you’ll be doing on your first day is to ask. Asking these questions early on allows you, your manager, and your new teammates to be on the same page from the get-go.

2. What’s your name?

You don’t want to be the person who still doesn’t know the names of their co-workers two weeks into the job. Save yourself the embarrassment, be polite, and introduce yourself.

3. Who do I report to? What about when that person is gone?

It’s important to figure out the chain of command at the start of a new job. This prevents any awkward communication mishaps down the road involving going over someone’s head, or leaving someone important out entirely.

4. What’s the preferred method of communication here? How should I deliver updates?

While observing your co-workers’ actions on your first day often answers this question, it’s still appropriate to ask your manager to fill you in on what should and shouldn’t be sent in an email or said in person.

5. How will I be reviewed? What is the format?

You will feel much more comfortable walking into your first performance review if you know ahead of time how the process works.

6. When is lunch? Where are the bathrooms?

These questions may seem obvious, but do yourself a favor and spare yourself the awkwardness of not knowing where the restroom is before it’s too late.

7. What decisions can I make on my own? What would you like to be consulted on?

The answers to these two questions will clarify what type of situations you should take into your own hands, and when decisions need to be left to other team members.

8. What are the dynamics of the team?

Privately ask for a rundown of the friendships, alliances, and rifts between your coworkers. This way you can avoid getting roped into unnecessary drama.

9. Are there any weird or unusual procedures or processes?

All workplaces have unique ways of doing things that they consider normal. The first day is your chance to ask what these are.

10. What is the policy on flexibility?

Is your manager a strict timekeeper? Or is he or she more lenient on when work gets done, as long as it gets done on time and correctly?

Do you have any more questions or reservations about your first day on the job? Contact Staff Force today. Good luck!