How to Identify Signs of Good Leadership

Signs of Good Leadership

How does one identify signs of good leadership?

As you develop your career, it is natural and expected to desire a leadership role to improve your skillset and earning potential. It can be difficult to balance being in a leadership position with getting your daily tactical work done, but it can also be difficult to identify signs of good leadership in order to improve your management skills and maintain respect from your teammates. Therefore, we included some tips on how to identify and improve your leadership skills!

What is considered “good leadership”?

We might ask ourselves what defines good leadership? The issue with this question is that leadership looks different to everyone. However, there are several reoccurring qualities of good leaders that those in this position should strive to emanate. One way to determine those qualities is to brainstorm on your experiences with your former managers. As a leader, it is important to hold your team together, act as a resource and mentor to your teammates, and support each of their career paths in order to achieve success on behalf of the business. It is also invaluable to communicate with your team effectively, to be honest with them, and to work collaboratively and efficiently. Have you seen these efforts out of your former leaders?

Signs of Good Leadership: 

Now, let’s talk about some characteristics of good leadership skills.

Below are some of the most common values that well respected leaders possess:






However, good leadership does not end with checking off each of the above. Strong leaders will see the value in the ongoing development of their skills and continued learning to further enhance them. A desire to continue learning, growing, and developing your skillset is the greatest of all signs of good leadership. How can you achieve this?

Build relationships with other leaders around you and ask them questions about how they approach different scenarios and continued education.

Consult resources to further your industry and management-related knowledge.

Observe and shadow your teammates. You can learn a lot from those you manage too!


As a reminder, all leaders will manage their teams differently, but it is beneficial for you as a leader to continuously improve and identify signs of good leadership. If you are interested and want to learn more, visit our blog for more topics related to tips about management and leadership skills.