Staying Positive During a Difficult Job Search in Texas

Job Search in Texas

There are many factors that determine whether or not you will have an easy time finding a new job. What if finding a new job is taking longer than you originally expected? Here are a few ways that you turn a stressful situation into a positive one during a difficult job search in Texas.

Waiting for a call

Scenario: You submitted your resume for a position that you know you’re perfect for. Now you’re anticipating a call back for an interview.

What to do: Breathe. Depending on the priority of the position, the hiring manager may not be desperate to get back to the candidate. Following up with a phone call or email may not be necessary within 24 hours of submittal.

Scenario: You had a great interview, and the manager that conducted your interview seemed very interested in scheduling a follow up.

What to do: If it has been at least 24 hours, send a follow up email or give them a call. While and email may suffice, a phone call shows more initiative.

Lack of Experience or Education

Scenario: The job description asks for a candidate with at least an associate’s degree, but you feel as if your related experience will make up for your lack of education.

What to do: Be sure that your resume includes all related experience associated with the position. Also, it would be wise to include a cover letter describing the traits that you possess that will show that you are the optimal candidate.

Scenario: While browsing the job boards, you find a position that you have dreamed of! The only problem, you lack the proper experience.

What to do: Submit your resume anyway. Include in your cover letter that this is the type of job that you are wanting to grow in to. Inform the hiring manager that, if possible, you are willing to start out at a more entry-level position to work your way up to the position.

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