How to Take Advantage of the Gig Economy

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What is a Gig Economy?

A gig economy is one in which short-term, temporary, and contract job positions for independent workers are common. Now, the American workforce is around 25-30 percent contingent. Already, companies in the tech and healthcare industries, for example, are joining in on the trend towards more temporary work.

Who Participates in a Gig Economy?

Large corporations are on track to significantly increase their use of flexible employees: freelancers, temps, part-time workers, contractors, and other specialists. According to the Intuit 2020 Report, by the end of this decade, temporary workers will exceed 40 percent of the workforce.

How Can Staff Force Help You Take Advantage of the Gig Economy?

At Staff Force, your staffing agency in Conroe, our goal is to offer temporary, direct hire and light industrial staffing solutions to employers across the state of Texas with the best, most personal, friendly, and reliable personnel services around.

We understand how important it is to find the right worker for the right position at the right time, and as more workers enter the contract work environment, making those decisions will take more time and more money.

When you choose Staff Force as your partner in temporary staffing, you can expect us to take full responsibility for each and every placement we make at your company. We only pass on potential employees with the right skills, work ethic, and personality to fit with your company’s culture and philosophies. In addition, our team of recruiters takes the reigns on interviewing, hiring, payroll, unemployment taxes and other distractions from what keeps your business running at its best.

Your Staffing Agency in Conroe

Are you interested in learning more about the gig economy and how to use temporary workers to the advantage of your business? Contact Staff Force, your staffing agency in Conroe, today.