The Temp-to-Hire Benefits You’ve Never Thought About

Light Industrial Temp-to-Hire Benefits

Temp-to-hire jobs can be about more than filling gaps in the résumé or making ends meet between jobs. When utilized strategically, there are temp-to-hire benefits that can help you move up in your career or even allow you to change careers completely. Here are some of the ways you can utilize temp-to-hire benefits to do more than pay your bills this month.


There are zero downsides to growing your professional network! One of the often-overlooked temp-to-hire benefits is being able to quickly build your network just by showing up and doing what you were hired to do. Working directly with someone is often the best way to exhibit your skills and aptitude to them. They get a firsthand experience of what it’s like to work with you and will be able to advocate for your abilities, whether it’s your communication skills, technical abilities, or organization and attention to detail.

This new and growing network can act as a source for references as well as referral sources for future job opportunities.

New Skills and Experience

You can strategically use your time in a temp-to-hire role to build a new career or expand the career you’ve been working towards. You can quickly build skills and experience in a similar job to your previous one in a new industry, or you could completely change career paths with direct work experience in a new field. You’ll be exposed to new technologies, a variety of work environments, and different types of people. You’ll be able to put all of the skills and experience you build in these roles on your résumé and present it to future potential employers.

Full-Time Potential

Many people don’t think about this temporary work benefit, but some companies use temp-to-hire as a long-form interview to make sure prospective employees are more than just a good résumé. They want to make sure you can conform to their work culture and standards before offering you a full-time job. As many as one-third of all temp-to-hire roles conclude in a job offer. Your temp job may end up being longer than just a few weeks.

No matter which temp-to-hire benefits are important to you, it’s important to stay focused and always put your best foot forward. Your experience as a temp can open new opportunities for you later in your career.

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