Time Management Techniques for Managers

Time Management Techniques

As a manager, it is important to take some time to think about your timeBecause there are so many responsibilities, making sure you prioritize is vital to your productivity. Not only do you have to do the tasks that are assigned to you directly, but you also have to handle issues, problems, and questions from your employees. Utilizing a variety of time management techniques can help you stay on track and make the most of your time. 

Plan Your Daily Schedule and Stick to It (if you can) 

As the old saying goes, “failure to plan is a plan to fail.” One of our best time management techniques is to simply set aside a few minutes at the end of each day to plan out what you need to accomplish tomorrow. Take note of your meetings and tasks and plan out when you will get to each item.  

This habit will ensure that no details fall through the cracks. One advantage of using these time management techniques is that they can help you stay organized as well. Even though having everything written down will clarify your day, things will inevitably come up that will keep you from accomplishing your schedule. Don’t worry – it’s all written down.  

Make a List

The next time management technique goes hand in hand with the first. If you plan your day, you’ll more than likely end up with a list of tasks and meetings. That’s two in one! This little time management technique is key to knowing where you are with your responsibilities and what you’ve accomplished so far. Mark off everything you’ve done and write down new things as they come up. 

Manage Your Email Effectively 

There’s no way around it: emails can take up a lot of time if not managed effectively. Learning how to manage your email is one of the best time management techniques there is. Ultimately, you need to set aside specific times to respond to emailsact immediately when you can, and organize your inbox using folders and rules to sort things automatically. It may feel strange to not read every email as it comes in, but these habits will save you a ton of time in the long run. 


If you’re a manager, you likely have employees under you that want to make a good impression and move up within the company. Take advantage of their desire to help and learn by delegatingThis takes tasks off of your plate and gives them the opportunity to work independently and come up with creative solutions to problems.  

Of the time management techniques, this one works differently. It will allow you to spend less time on the delegated task, help develop your employees, and foster a culture of learning and growth in your company. It’s a win-win! 

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