Traits of an Effective Manager

traits of an effective manager

When building a team, you want a group of people who will make significant progress towards your end goal. However, a phenomenal team won’t become phenomenal if they are led by an ineffective manager. To create a happy, successful team, you must implement a great leader. Who makes an excellent team lead? Check out these traits of an effective manager.

Field & Leadership Experience

While having experience in the industry is vital, one of the top traits of an effective manager is experience leading others. Leadership experience can come from various places, from volunteer positions to organizing events to previous jobs or education in a management role. An important note to remember is that not all people are natural leaders. Just because someone is at the top of their field or is a great person doesn’t mean that they would make a good manager.

Transparency & Communication

Being transparent in your actions and policies gains trust among team members. Managers who exhibit transparency and lead by example harness loyalty to further their team’s goals. Communication is one of the most essential traits of an effective manager. If a leader cannot communicate their wants and needs to their team, nothing will ever get done. A prosperous manager will be able to share their thoughts, interests, and goals with their team. In turn, they will also listen, as communication is a two-way street.

Organization & Time Management

Organization and time management are essential traits of an effective manager. They must set goals and the steps to achieve them, including the nitty-gritty details of how long each project will take, who will take action and when, etc. An organized and time strategic leader will ensure that team members are not left in a bind or constantly feel pressure under the clock.

Creativity & Curiosity

High-quality managers are both creative and curious. They take the time to further their knowledge in the field and as a leader. They design unique approaches to solving problems, increasing productivity, and tackling projects with a new perspective. Great leaders are willing to listen to new ideas and implement them, going beyond the status quo to achieve a new height of accomplishment.

Big Picture Mindset & Delegation

Lastly, another one of the necessary traits of an effective manager is the ability to see the bigger picture. Managers should be able to reach beyond the scope of everyday tasks to see the end goal in mind, whether it was designated by the company or the client’s objective. They will adequately delegate their resources, including their team, to pursue it by seeing the bigger picture.