Using a Temp Agency

using a temp agency

Employment seekers everywhere spend countless hours scouring the internet for suitable jobs, often without efficient success. Why waste your time and energy filling out application after application, only to end up at a job that may not be a good fit for you? By using a temp agency, you can get matched with the ideal job for you without the tedious process and with all the benefits that an agency has to offer.

How Does Using a Temp Agency Work?

Getting started using a temp agency is easy! All you have to do is complete the form, and the agency will take care of the rest. Of course, we highly suggest that you carefully fill out the form and provide detailed answers for the best results.

After your form has entered the system, high-quality temp agencies take the time to screen your submission. Screening includes criminal background checks, reference checks, employment history verification, personal and web-based assessment of skills and experience, I-9 verification utilizing the Depart of Homeland Security E-verify, and a pre-employment drug screen.

Next, after passing the screening process, the temp agency will carefully consider your skills and experience, along with your expectations and schedule, to match you with a company where both you and the employer will benefit.

Benefits of Using a Temp Agency

The benefits of using an agency are numerous, especially with how the job market has changed in the past year. On top of that, finding a job that is both suitable and pleasant can be challenging with no help. Luckily, a temp agency allows potential employees to connect with a vast array of employers, some of which you would have never been able to find independently. The temp agency will match these employers with you because they can utilize your skills and expertise while still meeting your individual needs.

When using an agency, they will advise you on how to get your resume into an ideal format. Plus, they will coach you on how to approach your new job. Temp agencies also understand that not every match is a good fit! This means, that by using a temp agency, you can transition to a different company easily and without the drama.

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