Warehouse Jobs are on the Rise: Warehouse Jobs to Watch For

warehouse jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many shifts in the job market across a variety of industries. But, it’s important to note that warehouse jobs are actually on the rise due to a large increase in e-commerce. Therefore, warehouses across the country are in need of workers to help fulfill the demands of their online shoppers.

Warehouse Jobs Experience Significant Increase During Pandemic

Just how much has the job market grown for the warehouse industry? According to early figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 2020 reported 1.25 million warehouse and storage workers in jobs. The large increase of the warehouse workforce is directly correlated with the peak in e-commerce sales. To clarify, these sales have jumped almost 32% from Q1 to Q2, reaching nearly $212 billion.

Overall, this news is great for job seekers looking to enter a steady market! Luckily, Staff Force has partnered with several companies with warehouse jobs seeking fulfillment. Read below for more information on the type of jobs Staff Force has posted for these companies, some of which are on the  Fortune 500 list.

Types of Warehouse Jobs

Pickers and Packers

As a “picker/packer,” your role in the warehouse is usually based around picking up items on an order form, also referred to as the “picking slip.” In addition, the latter half of your responsibility is packing. This means you will then be tasked with packing the order and preparing it for transportation.


Warehouse assemblers have a variety of responsibilities associated with the position. These may include assembling parts or pieces of a product with the aid of a blueprint or instructions. You may also be responsible for managing parts inventory and conducting quality checks.

Forklift Drivers

Transportation of heavy loads throughout the warehouse are all dependent upon skilled forklift drivers. In this position, you would be responsible for moving large products within the warehouse to the desired location.

These three positions are just a few of the many warehouse jobs that Staff Force helps fulfill. If you are interested in any of the above, contact Staff Force today!