Why You Need to Start Selling Yourself in an Interview

Selling Yourself in an Interview doesn't have to be difficult or scary

Self-Promotion in Job Interviews

No matter what field or industry you’re in, no matter what your degree is in, there is one skill that every person that will ever get a job will use: sales. While you may never have to close a deal for your next company, you will need to sell yourself in an interview to get the job. That may sound scary, but it’s easier than you think.

Selling yourself in a job interview can be broken down into 4 simple areas that you can work on: Confidence, Benefits, Listening, Follow-Up


If you ask any sales pro what the key to success is, they’ll invariably mention confidence. Having confidence in yourself will show through in the way you dress, walk, and talk to others. You’re at the interview because you have the skills needed to do the job. They have confidence in your abilities, and so should you.


When selling a product, it’s important to explain how the product will benefit the customer. This is the same way to approach an interview. When selling yourself in an interview, it’s important to convey how your skills and experience are best suited to the position that you’re interviewing for. Show them the benefit of having you on the team!


During any sale, the most important part of the process is listening. If you’re able to listen well, the customer will tell you exactly what they want. When in a job interview, actively listening to the interviewer can help you gather clues about how they want the question answered and what they’re really looking for in a candidate. One often overlooked part of listening is asking questions. Asking them to clarify or expound on a point shows that you’re actually listening and will help you get more ammo on how to answer the questions.


Following up after an interview may be the most important step.  It used to be sending a thank-you note to your interviewers, but today, it can be as simple as sending that follow-up email.  This can be integral to keeping you at the forefront of their minds and selling yourself beyond an interview.  Following up also shows confidence in your performance during the interview and in your candidacy for the position.

Even though you may not be interviewing for a sales representative role, you will still need to sell yourself in the interview. Using the tips and mindsets in this post will help you out the next time you’re sitting across the table from a hiring manager.

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