What It’s Like Working for a Staffing Agency

What It's Like Working for a Staffing Agency

When you’re trying to find temporary work or change careers, you have a couple of options. You can apply to a lot of jobs and try them out over time, or you can work through a staffing agency. While applying directly to companies, going to many of interviews, and meeting with hiring managers directly offers unique experiences, it also takes a lot of time and doesn’t always produce the desired result.

Working for a staffing agency also offers a variety of benefits. Many people enjoy the flexibility, benefits, and access to unlisted jobs. Looking at these benefits may help you see working for a staffing agency from a different perspective, and this type of job may be for you.


Working for a staffing agency provides more flexibility than a typical job. Temporary work assignments can mean that the work itself is flexible. You’re able to choose assignments that fit your personality and skills, allowing you to have a schedule suited to your needs. If you are unable to work during a period of time, you can decline the offer. If you need work, you’ll work around the schedule that you’re offered, just as with any job. In manufacturing, you may be required to work the second or third shift, meaning that you would have to adjust to an atypical work schedule.


In many cases you receive benefits when working for a staffing agency after working a specified number of days/hours. These benefits can include health insurance, retirement plans, and even tuition assistance. Benefits of this kind can be hard to come by if searching for a job or applying to temporary jobs independently.


When you’re working for a staffing agency, you can get access to jobs that are not listed on job boards. This is because staffing agencies have relationships with companies and are the sole provider of employment for their staffing needs. Because of this arrangement, you’ll get special treatment and access to jobs that the general public is unaware of. This could mean having your foot in the door for companies that you’ve been wanting to work with.

Whether you’re looking to change careers or for flexible temporary work, working with a staffing agency is a great way to get exposure and access to the work you want. To find work that fits you, call at Staff Force today. Reach out to our recruiters at a location near you to contact us now.