Top Workplace Productivity Killers

Workplace Productivity

Whether your workplace is laid out as an open workspace or a cubicle farm, distractions are bound to appear throughout the day. Not only do they sometimes cause employees to bring outside factors into the office, but they are detrimental to workplace productivity.

Here are the most common occurrences that are notorious for causing distraction:


Office politics or government politics are two of the hot button topics that are most likely to start a heated discussion or even a debate amongst co-workers. These types of discussions can cause tension between co-workers and lead to a distraction for anyone in the vicinity.

Cell phones

A study from 2017 concluded that employees typically spend just under five hours per work week on their cell phones. Typically, employees will use their cell phones to access social media and other websites that are blocked by their IT department.


If you are too sick to come to work, you are considered to be in the category of lost productivity. However, coming to work while sick is also considered to be a factor. Often times when an employee comes to work while suffering from a cold or other ailment, they make mistakes that they will then have to rectify at a later time, which contributes to a productivity loss further down the road.

Personal Problems

It would be silly for your employer to think that you don’t have a personal life. When your personal life includes personal problems, it’s best to leave those issues at the door.


Although necessary, meetings have the tendency to pull employees away from what they are currently working on and cause them to focus on other company details. Try to keep employees on task during a meeting with a clear expectation of what is needed after to allow them to stay on track with their workday.

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