The 3 A’s of Workplace Ethics and Values

workplace ethics and values

Within every business is a moral code of conduct that each of us must follow. There are many factors to workplace ethics and values. Have you asked yourself which are the most important? Respecting all of those around you will come naturally when you start at the top and work your way through the long list of ethical standards.

“A” Number 1:

Appearance within the workplace may not seem like a key component in workplace ethics; However, the saying “dress to impress” does play a factor. Each job has a dress code that you must follow. By respecting guidelines, you are also respecting yourself and those around you. It is also important to respect any religious beliefs fellow coworkers may have that reflect on their appearance.

“A” Number 2:

One of the most valued workplace ethics and values is attendance. Those that communicate their schedule are more respected within the workplace. This includes time off, PTO, tardiness, and overall time spent in the workplace. By establishing a schedule your coworkers will respect your time and vice versa.

“A” Number 3:

Lastly, attitude within the workplace is by far the most important of the “A’s”. How you communicate with others is based on how you carry yourself. To respect those around you, you must remain unbiased within the workplace. This means leaving home at home. Although bad days are going to happen, presenting yourself with a positive attitude will get you and your coworkers through the day.

By following the top 3 “A’s” of workplace ethics and values, you have started the road to success within the business world. Monitoring each aspect allows you to respect yourself and those around you. It will also allow you to further your career. There are many more ethical standards and codes to abide by but, by mastering these, the rest will follow.

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