5 Habits for Encouraging High Performance

As an employee, being productive starts with you. We have all had days where work feels overwhelming, something goes wrong, or we fail to perform. However, there are habits for encouraging high performance that you can work on every day. The best part is, they are super easy! Here are five habits you can implement into your own daily routine to encourage performance and productivity.

Encouraging High Performance:

It All Starts with Your Body

This may seem obvious, but when you feel good physically, you perform better. Taking care of your personal, basic needs has to happen before you can be productive. When you are hungry, tired, or tense, you are more likely to lose focus because your attention is on yourself. Find time to exercise, eat foods that fuel your body, and sleep. It is recommended that adults 18-64 get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, but everyone is different. Check out this article here to learn more about whether or not you are getting enough sleep.

Balance, Balance, Balance

Have you ever been called a workaholic? Do you prioritize work over yourself? Your family? Your downtime? We are all guilty of this in one way or another, and it can be hard to break this cycle. However, encouraging high performance at work relies on your mind having a chance to decompress. Finding the right work-life balance for yourself is critical for achieving success.

Mind over Matter

Your mind is not your enemy but rather your friend and ally. Think of your mind as a tool you can constantly enhance and build up to be more powerful. Many times, it can feel like we are fighting our own minds to be productive. Things like meditation, positive self-talk, and personal affirmations can improve focus and motivation.

Productivity is a Habit

Did you know that it actually takes 66 days to form a habit? Productivity can take a long time to become automatic, but there are small things you can do each and every day to make it a little bit easier. Try forming a task list for the small things you have to get done. As you do them, check them off. Once the entire list is complete, you can reward yourself with relaxation or an activity you enjoy. For larger tasks, break them apart and set goals weekly or even monthly. This is an effective tool for encouraging high performance because you are associating productivity with positive feedback.

Baby Steps to Success

Success and productivity don’t happen overnight. Good choices, no matter how small, will help build high performance. The most important thing when working towards a higher level of efficiency is to be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself and prioritize your needs and watch how much your performance improves!