5 Tips for Staying Motivated at Work

staying motivated at work

Staying motivated at work can be a real challenge. Finding ways to motivate and incentivize yourself can help you maintain focus and find joy in the things you are doing. Keep reading for five tips to help you maintain focus and motivation throughout the workday.

Consider Your Impact

One of the easiest ways to lose motivation is a lack of significance and recognition. Finding ways to remember and recognize the impact of the work you are doing are key to staying motivated! The more you feel like your work is significant, the more motivated you can be.

Break It Down

When training for a marathon, a runner doesn’t try to run 26 miles straight on day one. They break it down and do it at a rate that their body can handle. The same goes for larger work-related tasks. Breaking down large projects into smaller objectives that you can check off makes the task as a whole less overwhelming. Accomplishing tasks and working towards a larger goal in pieces can be great strategies for staying motivated at work.

Exercise Time Management

It is normal to lose focus. The average attention span for most people is short, and focusing on one task for more than 20-30 minutes can be challenging, especially if you are unmotivated. Taking advantage of proven time management techniques and structuring in short but frequent breaks can improve focus and motivation.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Imagine you’re trying to fit large rocks, pebbles, and sand into a jar. If you start filling your jar with sand, you run out of room for the rocks and pebbles. Your workday is like this. Fill your time with the big, important tasks first, and then use the smaller ones to fill in around them. Start your day by taking note of what your “rocks” are and make time for those. Then, take care of the less pressing tasks- this will help with staying motivated at work!

Reward Yourself

Rewards are a great motivator. However, even though many of us complete projects daily, we still may not see the reward or payoff. Personal rewards can be critical for staying motivated at work. You can positively link motivation by rewarding yourself for meeting goals by buying a cup of your favorite coffee or even watching an episode of your favorite TV show!

Staying Motivated at Work

Motivation is an incredible factor that can influence your performance and engagement in the workplace. Showing motivation and passion impacts the way that your coworkers and managers perceive you, as well as how they interact with you. If you’re struggling with motivation, try implementing these strategies and see how quickly it improves your ability to staying motivated at work! Or, contact us with any questions!