The Benefits of a Workplace Mentor

workplace mentor

Starting a new position at a company can be a challenge, but a workplace mentor can be a great way to make the transition into a new position easier. Strong mentorship programs should create a welcoming and open environment where you feel seen and heard when voicing questions and ideas. There are many benefits to having a mentor during the on-boarding process, but there are long-term benefits too! Keep reading to learn more about all of the ways a mentorship can benefit in the workplace!

The Benefits

1. Learning the Ropes

When starting a new job, there is no such thing as a bad question. During your first week or even your first six months, there is a lot of training you must complete to learn the ropes of the business. One of the benefits of having a workplace mentor is asking questions openly and freely as you learn. The more questions you ask, the better you will understand how the company functions and your role in aiding overall success.

2. Increased Teamwork

Learning to work with someone in a mentorship dynamic can help build strong teamwork and communication skills. Instead of doing tasks all on your own, you have the benefit of working with a teammate, which gives you the opportunity to learn from someone with more experience who can bring new ideas to the table. Learning to effectively communicate your ideas, thoughts, and desires to others is a significant part of the foundation for a successful career!

3. Strong Internal Networks

It can be challenging to build connections when starting a new job, especially when you work for a large company. A workplace mentor can break the ice and introduce you to new people without the stress of initiating a conversation on your own!

4. Development of Leadership Skills

You not only have the chance to learn the hard skills needed to do your job from your workplace mentor, but you also have a great opportunity to develop soft skills! By observing how your mentor leads and works with other people you can improve your own leadership skills! Remember that asking questions and having conversations are important ways to grow your soft skills!

5. Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is critical to the success of your career. Feeling supported by your company and coworkers makes for a healthy work environment and can promote productivity. It is important that you are happy in your position and that your company is providing ways for you to grow and learn.

Workplace mentorships provide unlimited opportunities to learn, grow, and develop. If you have just started a new position, ask your manager about setting you up with your own work place mentor, or make sure to contact us with any questions!