5 Tips for Managing Temporary Employees: Advice from Your Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio Staffing Agency

Houston and San Antonio Staffing Agency

Have you decided to bring in temporary employees to fill a staffing void within your organization? Managing contingent workers can be different than managing full-time staff.

Here are some helpful tips from your Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio staffing agency on managing your temp workers to ensure the experience is mutually beneficial.

Know your plan of action.

Before you bring in temporary workers, you should have a clear plan of action. This includes the approximate length of the project, and the scope of the project. Temp workers should be able to transition quickly and as effortlessly as possible in a new role. Enable your temp workers by equipping them with all the need-to-know information at the get- go.

Manage roles and expectations.

From the start, temp workers should be clear on their roles and your expectations for the duration of their contract. Define everything from daily arrival and departure time, chain of command, code of conduct, expected interaction between other employees and customers, proper work attire, and job roles. In addition to conveying this information verbally, it can be helpful to put it on paper for the temp to review as needed.

Respect your temps.

Temporary employees are not “second-class citizens.” Many people choose temporary work for the variety, networking opportunities and exposure to new industries. You hired them to fill a real need. Trust your staffing agency to send you intelligent and capable employees who have the skills and personality to fill your staffing void, and treat them no different than your full-time staff. This means including them in all meetings and correspondents related to their projects and inviting them to any events and activities happening in the office.

Empower them.

New people means a fresh perspective and new ideas. Temp employees who move from company to company often have a great deal of diverse experience. Empower your staff — temporary and permanent — to bring their new ideas to the table, no matter how big or small. Encourage open communication, seek their opinions and ask them about personal or professional experiences that might relate to the job. Most importantly, listen.

Make the job permanent.

If business is doing well and you are pleased with the effort, skills, and productivity of your temp employees, make every effort to move the job from temporary to permanent. In doing so, you’ll save the costs of hiring someone else down the road, and your temp workers are already familiar with your organization’s operations, mission and culture.

If you are unable to transition a temp worker’s position to permanent, but you feel they have met or exceeded your expectations, take some time to refer them to friends or colleagues you know who are hiring.

Stay in touch.

Even if you are not able to offer your temporary employees a full-time job at the time the project comes to an end, keep in touch with good talent. There may come a time when you could use them again, so maintain contact information for those temps who stand out as reliable and exceptional employees.

Mindfully managing your temporary employees will ensure a positive, productive experience for all involved. If you are looking for employees who are the right fit for your job openings, look no further than the dedicated team at Staff Force Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio staffing agency to place those employees for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your hiring needs.