Top Reasons You Should Consider a Temporary Job: Advice from Your San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Austin Staffing Agency

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Many times job seekers are hesitant to accept a temporary assignment or contract work for fear of missing out on a full-time opportunity. The reality is, accepting a temp job may actually prove beneficial in your search for full-time employment. As your San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Austin staffing agency, let us tell you why this is the case.

Oftentimes, employers use temporary positions as a sort of “try before you buy” scenario. The employer wants to test out potential employees before making a full-time commitment. Likewise, a temp position gives you, the employee, an opportunity to experience the organization firsthand and find out how your personality fits within the culture of a company.

“Temporary work” does not mean what it used to. By accepting a temporary position, you’re not necessarily saying, “yes” to just a day or two of work. Many times, temp positions are contract in nature, lasting three, four, even six months or more. If you’re currently unemployed, a temporary position can provide the income you need to stay on your feet while continuing your search for the ideal full-time opportunity.

Taking a temp job can also have psychological perks. If you’ve been unemployed for months, you may be feeling restless and even useless. Taking a job — even if temporary — will return structure and meaning to your life.

Keep in mind that even a temporary position could become permanent. By working hard, remaining personable, and being a team player, you can put your best foot forward in terms of turning a temp placement into a permanent one. Get to work early. Stay late. Take on additional responsibility. Make every effort to make yourself indispensable to the department and the company as a whole.

Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Temp Job

While there are many reasons accepting a temporary job can be beneficial, there are some important things to consider about the job before accepting the position.

    1. Ask the person hiring if there is a possibility the temporary position could be extended. Has the employer converted temporary placements to full-time hires in the past?
    2. Will the job give you valuable income during your time of unemployment?
    3. Will the position give you experience to build your resume?
    4. Will the job allow some flexibility should an interview for a full-time position come up?
    5. Are your skill set and personality a good fit for full-time opportunities at this company, making a temp job a foot in the door to a full-time position?

Ultimately, keep in mind that “a” job is better than “no” job. Gaps in employment can be a big detriment on your resume. Keeping yourself employed through temporary opportunities helps keep your work history intact.

If you are looking for work, don’t shy away from a temporary position. Even a short-term gig can have long-term benefits. If you are in the market for temporary work and looking for the right people to help you find the right position, look no further than the San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Austin staffing agency at Staff Force Personnel Services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you find the right job for your unique skill set.