Writing the Perfect Job Post: Tips from Your Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio Staffing Agency

San Antonio Staffing Agency

First impressions are critical in the job hunt. But not only is it important that job seekers make a great first impression, the first responsibility is that you, the employer, make a great first impression by posting a well-written job ad.

What exactly makes the perfect job ad? Here are six tips for writing the job posts that get results from your Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio Staffing Agency.

Remember a job post is still an ad.

Think like a marketer. Write an ad, not a job description. Keep in mind that a job description is a formal, internal document. Of course the job post should include a brief description of the job, but it should also be written to attract the ideal candidate. Give a sense of company culture, mission, benefits and why your company is a great place to work.

Get into the mind of a job seeker.

If you were searching for a job like this, what would you want to know? Give the information job seekers want to know. And then, post your job ad on the site that will reach the specific audience you want — even if it isn’t the site that gets the most traffic. How do you know which job boards to post to? Think like a job seeker and do some searching.

Watch what your competition is doing.

Check out competitors’ job posts for similar positions. What key phrases and terminology are they using? You want your ad to stand out from the crowd, but not so much that job seekers don’t find it in their searches.

Use the right keywords.

Just like any piece of content marketing, your job post should include the right keywords. What terms are your ideal candidates searching for? Be sure to use those terms throughout the job ad.

Carefully craft the job title.

The job title is the bait you have to get candidates to click on your job ad, so it’s essential that it show up in the job seekers’ search. Optimize the job title in your ad for search engines, even if it isn’t the exact same title the new hire will have.

Be realistic.

We can dream of the qualities the absolute perfect fit for a job opening would have, but in reality, that candidate doesn’t exist — if they do, they are a rare find. Think what is most important to get the job done right and focus on finding the best person to complete the task.

Writing the perfect job post takes some thought, time and concentration. It shouldn’t be something carelessly thrown together in a matter of minutes. You want to hire the right person the first time, and the first step to finding the right person is crafting just the right job post. And don’t forget, before you publish your job ad; have someone else read it to check for any errors or inconsistencies.

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