Writing the Perfect Resume: Tips from Your Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin Staffing Agency

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Your resume is the first impression you will make on a prospective employer, so you want it to be well written. No pressure, right?

How do you get started writing the perfect resume? Whether you’re revising your resume or starting from scratch, here are some tips from your Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin staffing agency to help you craft a resume that will make a great first impression.

Make a list of every job you’ve had.

Start by writing down every job you’ve ever had in the past 20 years. No matter what the job, or if the experience applies to the job for which you are applying, write it down. Be sure to include volunteer positions as well.

Write down everything.

Now, under each job or volunteer position, list everything you did in that position. Nothing is too minor to leave off this list. From answering phones to creating documents to managing people and selling products — in this step, it’s important. Not everything will make the final cut on your resume, but we’re just getting started.

Don’t hide your pride.

When it comes to resume writing, humble is not the name of the game. Be proud of what you’ve done and everything you’ve accomplished and brag about it. This is your chance to show prospective employers why you’re the best choice for the job, so list every award, every promotion and every raise.

Use numbers.

It’s important to quantify your experience with numbers. For example, rather than writing that you managed a team, specify how many people were on that team. Are you a top-notch sales person who has reached every sales goal you’ve been given? Use numbers to show just how stellar your sales skills are.

Look at your colleagues’ and peers’ resumes.

LinkedIn is a great resource where you can go to check out the resumes of others that have held similar positions. Did they list anything in the description of the job that you’ve forgotten or left off? If you did it, write it down.

List your accomplishments.

While it’s important to list the tasks for which you were responsible in a particular job, it’s even more important to list the things you accomplished in that role. For example, rather than write “grant writing,” if you’ve written grants that have been received, be sure to share that as an accomplishment.

Avoid overused words.

According to LinkedIn, these are the 10 most overused words on resumes and should be avoided: motivated, creative, enthusiastic, track record, passionate, successful, driven, leadership, strategic and extensive experience. Think about the words you are using. What do they mean and what are you really saying about yourself? Expand your vocabulary and avoid these overused buzzwords.

List your education.

After you’ve listed all of your jobs and a description of each, list your education. If you’re a new grad, education goes at the top.

Finalize it.

Now that you’ve essentially had a brain dump, it’s time to pare it down. Delete any points under each job that don’t add value to the job for which you’re applying. Keep the 10 most important accomplishments for each job (unless you don’t have 10, in which case you should list all of them). If you’re new to the working world, your resume should be no more than one page. If you’ve gained several work experiences, keep it to two pages.

Find someone to edit it.

Even the best writers can miss things. You’ve been staring at this document for hours, it’s time to pass it off to someone else to read and edit your resume.

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