Goal Setting in the Workplace: A How To and Why To Guide from Your Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston Staffing Agency

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You might have clicked on this article thinking, “It is quite obvious that goals must be set in the workplace. I already know that.” That line of thinking is simply prerequisite knowledge because goal-setting is not just about scribbling down a list of goals on a whiteboard for the whole office to see or emailing out a memo to each employee. In the list below, your Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston staffing agency will touch on how to set your company goals and the why behind constructing those goals.

Define your goals as a team and individually

Unfortunately, this is the sector of the strategy that a lot of employers overlook. There is a tendency for employers to only set goals that pertain to the company as a whole, rather than meeting with individuals to create specific goals tailored to each person. Setting team goals creates an underpinning for success for your business, as everyone will understand their role and each other’s roles. This will create a more dynamic workflow and more efficiency because no two individuals will be wasting time working on something that only takes one person to accomplish. However, creating individual goals for your employees will promote growth for every person. This also creates a sense of trust and rapport between you and your employees. An employee is much more likely to stay loyal, work hard to build your brand, and promote positivity in the workplace if he or she feels like management is actually invested in him or her as a person rather than just a worker.


This step is almost as important as setting the goals in the first place. Think of it this way. You would not take a road trip to a place you have never been before without consulting some type of navigation system or roadmap. Setting a goal in the workplace is all about reaching a destination as a unit. So as an employer, why wouldn’t you use feedback as a navigation tool on the road to traveling somewhere you’ve never been as a business before? Your Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston staffing agency suggests that you dedicate a time each week or every month to have a team meeting to specifically measure goal progress. This time set aside will allow everyone to track how much progress they have made since the previous meeting and the methodology used to achieve said progress, and to strategize on roadblocks and how to overcome them.

Failure, or the illusion of it

Every missed opportunity still provides a window for growth. Failure or the illusion of failure allows employers to reflect with their employees about business practices and methodologies. Your Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston staffing agency knows that nothing will highlight the weaker points of your business and areas to focus on going forward like the illusion of failure will. Countless times we have heard professional athletes, artists and entrepreneurs credit their success to the lessons they learned from the illusion of failure. So even if you set goals and they are not met by their targeted deadlines, such an opportunity will only provide further insight into what needs to be optimized and prioritized for future success.

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