Answers to the Most Common Client Questions by Staff Force’s Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston Staffing Companies

Employers looking to fill open positions have many options when choosing a temp agency in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and surrounding Texas cities, but why choose just any staffing agency?

Staff Force isn’t just any temp agency. As an experienced staffing and recruitment agency, we understand that it’s about more than simply finding someone to fill a job. It’s about finding the best individual to fill that job. For more than 25 years, Staff Force has been helping our clients do just that.

Are you looking for an agency to help handle your staffing needs? To help you better understand who we are, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients.

How quickly can you fill my job orders?

At Staff Force, we have a goal of a one to two hour turnaround for general labor orders, but a 24-hour leeway is preferred. The time will be different for administrative assistant jobs, as these jobs require a résumé and interview process.

From where do you source your candidates?

We take daily applications from general labor candidates.  Administrative candidates, welders, and skilled workers interview for positions and are sourced from career websites including Career Builder, Monster and Indeed.

What makes you different from every other staffing agency?

All staffing agencies source candidates from the same pool of people, but our on-boarding process is long and efficient. Finding the right person to fill a job opening takes time, effort, and a commitment to screening potential employees on more than skill set alone. We do one-on-one interviews with every candidate, a process that takes about one hour. We service clients to the best of our ability and make sure to visit our clients every week. We provide exceptional customer service, a safety workers’ comp process, and lower rates than most companies our size.

Staff Force professionals at our Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston staffing companies work hard to find candidates who hold both the necessary set of skills to complete a job and the right personality to fit your company culture and uphold your company’s values.

Are you looking for an experienced agency to handle your staffing needs?  Contact Staff Force today.