Answers to the Most Common Candidate Questions by Staff Force’s Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston Staffing Companies

When you’re in the middle of a job search, you will have a lot of questions. What is the best job for me? What will my future look like? Will I need to relocate my family for a new job? Am I qualified? How can I find the right job at a company I enjoy?

For more than 25 years, Staff Force has helped answer these questions by matching candidates with temporary, direct hire, and light industrial positions for employers in Austin, Brownsville, Dallas, Fort Worth, Harlingen, Houston, Lewisville, San Antonio, Stafford, and The Woodlands.

Being in the middle of a job hunt can be a vulnerable time for you. At Staff Force, it’s our job not to add to your stress or anxiety, but to come alongside you as you walk through this transitional time in your life. When it comes to questions you may have about how the Houston staffing companies/job candidate relationship works at Staff Force, we won’t leave you guessing.

Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

Do we have to pay a fee for you to find me a job?

No, there is no fee for job candidates. Our clients (hiring companies) pay a small fee for employees, but candidates do not pay.

What kind of jobs do you staff for?

Staff Force works with our clients to find the top candidates for light industrial, skilled trades, administrative, and clerical positions.

Do I need experience?

Not all warehouse jobs require experience, and there are opportunities for entry-level work. You will be on your feet for eight to 12 hours, however, and the areas you will work in are not environmentally regulated. You need to be ready for extreme heat or cold. Some skilled trade positions, such as the forklift or using a saw, require more experience. Entry-level positions may be physically demanding, so having experience as a high school athlete might make you a better fit for the job.

Are you background friendly?

Staff Force runs a background check on every candidate, and backgrounds will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis.

How do I report my time?

Each client is different and some take responsibility for their employees’ time by reporting it or making sure the employee reports it to Staff Force. They will always check with the employee and sign off on their time. Each employee is responsible for his/her own time, however, as noted in the signed application.

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