Employee Engagement: Tips From Your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and Brownsville Staffing Agency

Brownsville Staffing Agency

With the dominance of handheld technologies and social media it comes as no surprise that employers want to find new ways to keep their staff on task and plugged in rather than glued to their phones or Twitter accounts. However, your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and Brownsville staffing agency understands that employee engagement isn’t just about keeping employees from being distracted. It is about strategy, a workplace belief that with the right conditions all employees can give their best each day, commitment to company values and culture and motivation to help others around them succeed in order to supplement organizational success, while feeling an enhanced sense of self value. How do you increase employee engagement?

The path to employee engagement isn’t necessarily as difficult as it is obscure. Here are some tactics your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and Brownsville staffing agency recommends you consider:

  1. Focus on why rather than what. People feel more engaged with their work when they believe it has a purpose; so don’t just focus on what your business does, but why. Is it to help others? Or increase communication? Or build trust? Whatever your reasons, make this purpose apparent every day in your actions and discussions, not just in your mission statement.
  2. Provide transparency. If you trust your employees, show it. Share information with them and keep them posted with management information. Be honest with them in your belief of their abilities.
  3. Whisper failures and scream out accomplishments. Everyone makes mistakes; so don’t chastise employees for the things they do wrong. Instead, praise them for the things they do right consistently or tasks they go the extra mile on. This will make that employee want to continue to excel and will inspire others to do so also.
    There are a plethora of avenues to engage your staff. Spend time strategizing with other leaders in management about how everyone can work together to keep staff engagement high. However, each department works differently, so be comfortable with the idea that other leaders may choose a different approach than you. Your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and Brownsville staffing agency believes that employee engagement is the first step to the road of retention.