The Importance of Employee Training: How to Save Resources and Increase Retention

Katy Staffing Agency

Hiring new employees can be an exciting time for both parties. New employees have an opportunity to immerse themselves in a new environment with new challenges, while employers get to add value to their businesses and welcome a new personality into their company’s culture. However, there is a requirement that must be completed in order to keep this happy balance: training. Your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and Katy staffing agency is here to provide you with some information about the importance of employee training.

New Hire Orientation

Many times it is easy to neglect new hire orientations because employers want the new employee to hit the ground running, especially in the cases of senior level additions. We live in a society that tends to place instant gratification above long-term development and growth. Your new employee may know how to do their job and possess all the necessary skills sets, but they don’t know how to do their job within the context of your company.

Ensuring your new employees can perform in the context of your company’s policies, demands and culture is what new hire orientation is all about. In addition, these events show new hires how to perform their job safely and efficiently, and introduce the new hires to competition. People like to know what they’re up against, what is expected of them and what better way to accomplish all of these things than through a fun, focused new hire orientation.

The Benefits

Your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and Katy staffing agency believes there are several benefits to employee training:

  1. Save time by explaining certain elements of your business to new employees, so they aren’t slowing the overall flow of production by stopping their output to ask questions.
  2. Save money by teaching employees procedure and how to avoid mistakes that may cost your business money to fix.
  3. Provide the new employee with a good feeling rather than just forcing them to figure things out for themselves, which will ultimately bolster higher retention rates.


    The value your business will receive from training employees far outweighs the potential increased production you may have by forcing the employee to hit the ground running at the outset. Your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and Katy staffing agency would like to help grow your business by providing you with solid candidates to retain for the long-term, but you must first help yourself and train your newfound employees. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you in your search for employees.