LinkedIn Is Key to Your Success: How to Link Yourself to A Brighter Future

Katy Staffing Agency

What is LinkedIn?

In three words: a social network; however, in reality, LinkedIn is much more than your average social network. The site serves as a professional networking platform first and foremost, one that allows its members to establish new connections with other professionals, while also allowing them to archive the networks of people they already know. Your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and Katy staffing agency would like to outline why we believe LinkedIn is important for your career development.

What type of information can I expect to find on LinkedIn?

Like Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to include general information about yourself such as your most recent education level, employment history, and community-related activities, interests, skill set(s), and certifications. Beyond this type of information is where these mega social media sites diverge. LinkedIn has many other areas of focus that are more concerned with providing potential career resources for its members. One of these features includes focus groups, which allow members to find and connect with other professionals in the same industry. Many companies also post job openings on the site, which you can search and apply for by either searching for a specific company or industry.

How do I utilize LinkedIn? How is it effective?

Because of the connections feature, LinkedIn is relatively simple to use. After you fill out your profile, the site will refer people to you that can become new connections, similar to the way Facebook finds friends for you based on information such as hometown and school attended, etc. LinkedIn’s strongest feature perhaps is the ability for connections to endorse you. After you make a connection, that person can choose to endorse one of the many skills you have listed on your profile. This means someone can vouch for the skills that you claim to have, in case a potential employer views your profile. Your Dallas, Houston, South Texas and Katy staffing agency strongly suggests you take advantage of the world’s increased interconnectivity and create a LinkedIn account today, so that you may build stronger link between yourself and success. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you in searching for your next career move.