Company Culture: The Reason Employees Stay

Every generation has their reasons for staying at their place of employment. For the Baby Boomers, it was loyalty to their superiors. For Generation X, it was benefits and retirement. Now for millennials, it is typically the company culture that has them staying true to their job. Culture can come through for a company naturally, often led by a founder or other executive. It can also be somewhat more manufactured and driven by a human resources department. Either way, leadership needs to be involved to allow the employees to feel the importance of their roles.

There are a few key components of a strong culture.

  • Purpose

The general purpose of company culture is to show the vision and mission of the workplace.  Whether you work for a non-profit or a factory, the mission and vision should always be clear and concise to the future of the company to give employees the feeling that what they are doing right now matters for the future.

  • Engagement

Employee engagement empowers employees to fulfill their purpose. Engaging with your employees provides them with a sense of appreciation for what they are carrying out in their roles.

  • Building Trust

Trust is the cornerstone for happy employees. Employees need to trust that their superiors will deliver on their promises and stay true to their word. They need to feel safe in their environment, as well as secure in their positions. One of the hardest times within a company to maintain the culture of trust is during a lay-off.

  • Investing in Employees

The best way to invest in your employees is to provide them with the resources to further their careers and success within your company. This can be accomplished by providing on the job training and advancement goals within your company populace.

Putting these four examples into practice can be extremely beneficial to employee retention. Having a lower percentage of employee turnover means less time on-boarding new employees and more time showing appreciation and attention to current. This leads to an overall more productive work environment and happier employees.


How strong is your company’s culture? For more suggestions on how to engage your employees, or to connect with us to discuss your staffing needs, contact Staff Force today.