How Do Temp Agencies Work?

how do temp agencies work

Are you looking to gain meaningful employment as a temporary worker, but don’t know where to start? You may be considering applying to a temp agency, but are unsure of what that entails. You may even be asking yourself, “How do temp agencies work?” Here we will explain how temp agencies work for both the client and the worker.

How Do Temp Agencies Work for the Client?

Overall, the main goal of a temp agency is to pair a qualified person with an employer who needs a temporary worker. Many businesses, especially large companies, have an ever-changing set of needs that regular employees cannot always fill. It is at this time that companies need a temporary employee to fill that position until the requirement is met. Clients use temp agencies essentially as a catalog for potential temporary employees. Instead of going through the lengthy process of finding an appropriate employee, the temp agency will quickly and efficiently provide a qualified worker for the client.

How Do Temp Agencies Work for the Worker?

For workers looking for flexible, seasonal, part-time, or temp-to-hire jobs, they can turn to a temp agency to help them find work. Job seekers generally need to apply and go through an application process before being accepted. After acceptance, they will be added to the temp agency’s database. Whenever a job position opens that matches the worker, they will be contacted with an offer.

The Cost of Temp Agencies

Even though the worker is filling a position for the client, they technically work for the temp agency. This means that payroll, taxes, and other legalities are done solely through the temp agency. Workers do not pay any fees. The client, on the other hand, will pay the agency for the cost of the worker in addition to the agency’s fees. 

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