How Mentorship Programs Benefit Your Organization

workplace mentor

There are many ways to aid your employees in feeling welcomed and supported at your organization. However, mentorship  programs are the preferred route to welcome new employees as this also allows more senior team members to develop their skills. The goal of these programs is to provide your newer employees with a guide to navigating their new role and company culture.

Organizations are ultimately able to choose their own approach to establishing a mentorship program. That being said, there are definitely a few best practices to keep in mind when producing a healthy and supportive program.

1. Clearly Defined Objectives

These objectives should not just be goals surrounding the program at large, but should also include space for pairs to be able to decide what they would like to get out of this program. For example, some pairs may decide they would like to meet on a quarterly basis to discuss their progress, while others may choose to meet more frequently and keep up with weekly or even day-to-day development.

2. Training for Mentors and Mentees

Training should establish clear expectations while providing both parties with respectful communication strategies and relationship-building skills. This allows for a solid foundation to be laid for all participants in the program. This training should prioritize effectively leading mentors and mentees in understanding what their responsibilities are and how to keep them accountable to one another.

3. Additional Resources

If your organization plans on implementing a robust mentorship program that will involve several hundred employees, you may find it prudent to have your participants use a software program to keep themselves organized. Another tool you may consider using to support productive interactions and achieve personal objectives are templated documents. Plus, these can be used as a jumping off point and provide guidance for the pair’s first few meetings.

At every step in designing mentorship programs, it is important to remember that both the mentor and mentee are supposed to benefit from this pairing. When you have employees that feel supported not just by their organizations, but also by their coworkers, you have the ability to create a collaborative company culture that benefits everyone. If you have any questions or concerns about creating your own mentorship program, make sure to contact us!