Approaching Challenges Around Staying Motivated at Work

staying motivated at work

Over the past two years, staying motivated at work has proven to be a real challenge for many people. This challenge becomes even more complicated when you are a manager that is responsible for the performance of your team and yourself. However, there are several ways managers can foster an environment that will motivate employees.

The most important thing to remember when working to provide an environment that better supports staying motivated at work, is that the way you approach each of these items will be different for each employee. If you can embrace the different needs of your team members from the outset it will help them to feel more supported and make your communication with them more efficient.

Show Gratitude

A great first step to helping your employees feel as if they are making a difference at work is to communicate with them that their hard work during difficult circumstances does not go unnoticed. Although simple, this is a vital aspect of providing your team with important emotional support that often goes overlooked in the work place.

Encourage Experimentation

Your team is the best resource you have in understanding if your current strategy is working or not. As we continue to adapt the way we work, encouraging your team to experiment in ways you can all more efficiently achieve your goals will allow them to see exactly how their work is making an impact. Being able to see these results will allow your team to adapt their performance to more productive strategies.

Staying Motivated at Work – Staff Force Can Help

We are all continuing to navigate unprecedented times and now more than ever we need to be keeping the wellbeing of our teams at the forefront of our minds. Staying motivated at work can be a challenge but you are not in this alone. Staff Force continues to support our clients and candidates through unparalleled service and workplace resources available on our website!