How to Encourage High Performance in the Workplace

Every organization wants their employees to be productive at all times. Many times, this push for productivity can become misinformed when what the organization is really looking for is superior results. The real way to produce superior results is to encourage high performance amongst your teams rather than encouraging a state of constantly working in the name of productivity.

There are a few ways that organizations can encourage high performance in their employees, and they are all rooted in constructing teams that have a deep understanding of their goal- and a commitment to achieve it.

Complementary Skills

The skills of team members should create an environment where they greatly surpass the skillset of an individual. This will ensure that all team members are an asset to their team and can contribute efficiently.

Commitment to Communication

Real-time problem solving will eventually become an obstacle for your teams. Open communication between teams and leadership is the key to finding a solution. Giving your teams the tools to be flexible in their approach and allowing them to alter their plan due to changing demands not only increases your organization’s efficiency, but it also increases your employees’ confidence in the organization.


The best way to encourage high performance in the workplace is to lead by example. High performing leaders are goal oriented, work to foster relationships and are unafraid to join their teams in getting the hard work completed. Leaders that wish to instill certain values into their employees will find it is most efficient to embody those values themselves.

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