How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

how to prepare for a virtual interview

Making a good impression in a virtual interview can be more difficult than an in-person interview. Without the ability to give a firm handshake, to physically hand over a resume, or other cues to show your professionalism, you have to resort to other tactics to ace the interview. Read these tips on how to prepare for a virtual interview and set yourself up for success.

Double check your tech

Even if technological complications aren’t your fault, it will still reflect on you poorly. The day before your interview, you need to test your Wi-Fi connection, ensure you have the proper software installed (i.e. Zoom, etc.), and confirm that your camera and microphone are working. If you are worried about your internet connection, you can boost your signal with a range extender or call your carrier for tips. Check your internet speed the morning of the interview and don’t forget to let your roommate know when you will need more bandwidth. This is a crucial step in how to prepare for a virtual interview since it’s technology based!

Find a good background

Find a background that isn’t busy and a spot that has good lighting and sound. If the area has too much of an echo, headphones will be your best option to ensure the interviewers can hear you loud and clear. You’ll also want to consider the angle that your computer is facing you. Don’t just have your computer on your lap, your eyes should be level with the camera and your head should not have too much space above it. Stacking books can help elevate your computer to shoulder height to help alleviate this.

Wear something neutral

Of course, you should be wearing something business professional as normal. But when thinking about how to prepare for a virtual interview, you want to avoid excessive patterns like stripes, as they can show up warped on video and be distracting. A button down and blazer is always a good option. Plan your outfit out the day before and be dressed head to toe, this will help you feel professional and project confidence over video.

Do your research

As always, do your research on the company prior to your interview date. Take the time to learn their values, their services, and other important topics. This will help you to see what kind of employee the company is really looking for and how to show them that you fit that description. When thinking about how to prepare for a virtual interview, you will also want to come prepared with questions. Make sure your questions can’t be answered from a quick search on their site. This will help you seem passionate about the position and resourceful.

Practice your answers

Not only will you want to practice answers to their questions, but you will also want to think of ways to build rapport with the interviewers. Come prepared to talk about topics on common interests, industry news, or anything relevant to build a relationship. Being personable is crucial when you are at a distance, otherwise you will come off as disinterested and disengaged. When thinking about how to prepare for a virtual interview, you will want to remember to come off as friendly and focused.

Keep good eye contact

Since you can’t make a good impression with a handshake, you will need to think about how to amplify your body language over camera. Do a mock interview with a friend and make sure you keep a good posture, don’t fidget, and avoid distractions. Maintain focus on the interviewer and keep good eye contact to show you are engaged. Don’t forget to smile as well! You will need to show a little more enthusiasm over video. Ask your friend for feedback to see what you can improve on, an important step on how to prepare for a virtual interview.

Leading up to the interview, you will want to sit down 10 minutes before to get comfortable. Make sure you are logged in and check what you look like in the camera. Breathe, think positive thoughts, and maybe even do some power poses. Turn off any phone and computer notifications, and ensure your roommate or any furry friends are keeping quiet. With these tips on how to prepare for a virtual interview, you will make the best impression possible!

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