5 Must-Have Traits of Effective Managers

traits of effective managers

What are some traits of effective managers? Entry-level employees trying to get a feel for their new work place, long-term employees who are vying for a management position, or current managers that are trying to hone their skills to stay sharp on the job often ponder this question. Overall, managers have an integral role in the workplace. They oversee and interact with many employees and external clients every day. Therefore, it is essential that managers are effective in their position to steer their organization toward success.

With this in mind, we have compiled the 5 must-have traits of effective managers to help you reach that goal:

Active Listener

Whether they are addressing a problem at work or just want to have a casual conversation, employees should always feel comfortable with their managers. This comfortability is based on a foundation of trust. The manager’s ability to listen actively upholds the trust and comfortability. Ask questions, follow up, and dig deeper into what your employees are telling you. As a result, your employees will respect you and feel comfortable coming to you in the future.

Strong Communicator

In addition to being an active listener, one of the most important traits of effective managers is being a strong communicator. This applies to internal communication with employees as much as it applies to external communication with clients! Strong communicators are always transparent with issues the company is facing. They deliver messages clearly and concisely. They always pay the utmost respect to who they are communicating with. In any event, managers that are strong communicators should be able to effectively communicate in person, over the phone, and by email or text message.

Fair Delegator

Furthermore, an effective manager knows that he or she cannot do everything alone. Therefore, it’s crucial to have the faith in your employees to help you along the way! With that being said, managers need to delegate tasks and responsibilities. This gives them a chance to help out and show their skillsets. It’s essential that these tasks are delegated fairly and without preferential treatment. Additionally, it’s important to delegate tasks that are reasonable to achieve. This is important as not to overstep any limitations an employee may have.

Adaptable in Tough Situations

Every manager must know how to handle a crisis. No matter how big or small this difficult situation is, an effective manager stays calm and collected. They must be prepared to lead their team through the hard times. A great manager is transparent and communicative. They are also able to adapt to any curveballs that are thrown their way. Overall, they are prepared to take the challenge head-on to overcome it.

High Achiever

Lastly, and perhaps the most obvious of the traits of effective managers, is the fact that they must be high achievers. If they weren’t, they probably wouldn’t be in a management position anyway! However, it’s important for managers to never stop growing and working to better themselves and their organization. Employees should have the most confidence in a manager’s capability to do their job, so they must always remain sharp, competent and tenacious as the demands of the workplace shift.

In conclusion, these 5 must-have traits of effective managers will serve not only you, but also your employees and clients well in the future. If you’re a great manager who is looking to hire capable individuals to help your organization achieve success, contact Staff Force today!