Resume Tips to Help You Land the Job

resume tips

Creating your resume for the first time or revising an old resume can often times seem like a challenge. Luckily, we have gathered some resume tips for you to reference when you’re crafting your resume in preparation for your job search.

Resume Tips

What should I include in my resume?

First things first, you need to know what you should include on your resume. The goal of a resume is to sell yourself by effectively demonstrating your work experience. Your work experience section is where an interviewer’s eyes normally draw to first, so you want to make sure it is high on the page and is perfectly worded. Additionally, a good rule of thumb is to prioritize your work experiences in order of your most important and relevant accomplishments. In your descriptions of each experience, add numbers to quantify what you achieved, if possible.

Further, you should also include information about your educational background, other skills you have acquired, what organizations or volunteering you partake in, and references to give assurance for you. While no two resumes look the same, most include a combination of these categories.

How do I format my resume?

Now that you have a general idea of what you should include on your resume, the next question is probably how you should go about formatting it. One of the quickest and most convenient resume tips we can offer is to use a template! Conveniently, Microsoft Word and other online resources have templates where you can easily input your information, so you don’t have to worry too much about format issues. Look online at successful resumes and try out a few templates to see what works best for your experiences, as well as the position you are applying for.

An important thing to remember about formatting a resume is to always keep it professional. Choose an appropriate basic font that is easy to read, and make sure your font sizes are not too big nor too small. Next, to make your resume easy on the eyes, add bullet points and write in short sentences. Most importantly, your name should be the biggest item on the page at the very top.

What are the next steps?

After you’ve taken our resume tips into account and applied them to your resume-building process, it’s time to start applying! While you have this base resume built out, it’s important to tweak it for every position you apply for. By taking the time to incorporate a company’s values or verbiage into your resume, you demonstrate that you did your homework, and will likely impress your interviewer. For when you get ready to send out your perfect resume, make sure to follow any specifications that the employer wants your resume to be formatted in, such as in a Word document or a PDF. Finally, if you are sending your resume via email, make sure to include a kind and professional message, along with a way the recipient can contact you.

Overall, we hope that you will consider utilizing these resume tips as you embark on your job search! If you need some extra help with finding a new job, Staff Force is here for you! Our employment agency is skilled in pairing job seekers with available opportunities. Contact Staff Force today for more information on the job-seeking process.