The Importance of Company Culture

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“Culture.” It may sound like a buzzword, but it’s more than that. Company culture is the life and breath of your organization. It is the energy that flows within your four walls. It is the combined power of talents, intention and desire.

It matters.

The culture you create within your organization will shape the outcome of your product or services. It affects everything from productivity to creativity, motivation and trust between your employees and company leadership.

Creating a positive, powerful and productive company culture isn’t as difficult as you may think. Trust the employees you hire, back off of the rules and policies, and you will unleash the creativity and brilliance of your people — all to the benefit of your business.


Here are four tips to help you build an empowered company culture from one of the leading temp agencies in Austin.

1. Develop a company mission and vision you can get behind

Your organization’s mission should be more than flowery words on your website; they should be words you and your employees understand and believe.

2. Focus on diversity

Hire a team of people who have a broad range of skills, backgrounds and experiences. Gender and cultural diversity is important too as each diverse element creates depth and perspective within your organization. Diversity should be celebrated, not stifled.

3. Kick your pride to the curb

Remain humble and willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty right alongside your employees. This level of involvement encourages a culture of respect and trust.

4. Value your employees

Want your employees to be willing to work toward your objective? Welcome their ideas and show them you value their experience and expertise. Listen. Be willing to have discussions with your employees and truly listen to what they have to say.

Researchers from Columbia University have found that job turnover at organizations with rich company culture is significantly lower — 13.9 percent compared to 48.4 percent — than organizations with poor culture.

By encouraging a culture of engagement, you will find your employees are more willing to put forth their time and energy to achieve the company’s mission. Use these tips to inspire and motivate your employees to work toward your one common goal.

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