Job Hiring Checklist for Temporary Employment

job hiring checklist

There are millions of people looking for temporary staffing jobs across the country, but how can you make sure that you’re targeting the right applicants? With our job hiring checklist, you can narrow down your candidates to find someone who is a good fit and who can fill the position quickly. Here are some tips on how to find and hire a good temporary employee!

Create a Job Listing

A job hiring checklist starts with getting the word out there that you’re hiring. Post the opening on employment sites like Indeed or even on social media, and indicate that the position is for a temporary position. Since temporary positions typically require a narrower set of responsibilities and for a shorter amount of time, the job description should differ from typical permanent job listings. Your listing should include the skill set they need to perform the job in as much specificity as possible. If culture fit isn’t a priority for your temporary hires, you shouldn’t emphasize culture in the listing. But, it is important to stress that you’re looking for independent, enthusiastic, and reliable people. In addition, include your expected start date to help weed out applicants who need a job sooner or later.

Start Interviewing

When you receive applications that meet your qualifications, it’s time to start interviewing! To save time in the long run, conduct your interviews in phases so that you can eliminate candidates who do not fit the bill. (Pro tip: start with phone interviews since they are a quick and easy way to determine someone’s communication skills and professionalism.) When you are at the final stages of the interview process in your job hiring checklist, you will want to dive deeper into their experience, strengths, and weaknesses that are applicable to the job. Unlike interviews for permanent employees, these interviews should be fairly straightforward and should focus solely on the responsibilities of the job. For example, a typical interview question for a permanent employee might be “where do you see yourself in 10 years?” However, for temporary employees, this question would not yield the additional information you need to make a hiring decision.

Begin the Hiring Process

Hiring a temporary employee should be based on more than just their skills; it should also be based on their motivations. After the interview, you should understand more about why they are looking for a temporary position. You want to hire people who are looking to actively contribute to your organization while learning something new. Uninvested employees tend to underperform. Once you think you have a candidate that fits this description, send out a job offer as one of the last steps on your job hiring checklist. While you wait for them to (hopefully) accept, double check that your onboarding process will make their transition seamless.

As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into hiring temporary employees. That’s why Staff Force specializes in helping companies find and hire the best temporary talent. You can save time, money, and resources by using our extensive screening, interviewing, and hiring services. We’ll take care of everything on your job hiring checklist from start to finish, from backgrounds checks to implementing payroll and benefits. Learn more about services by contacting us today. We’ll help you hire a great temporary employee in no time!