Job Search Checklist: Our Comprehensive Guide

job search checklist

Looking for a career change? Out of work and need to embark on the job hunt journey again? We can help! Our comprehensive job search checklist will make sure you have a plan in place to help you find your next placement. Follow these steps to secure your next interview and land your next position.

Start with Self-Reflection

Our job search checklist starts with you, with your passions, your strengths, and your goals. Jot down what you excel in, what you could work on, and what you like to do. Then, you can find something that aligns well with your interests and your skills. You also can use these key points in your resume and cover letter when you start applying for jobs. In addition, you need to think about what you need from a job, whether that’s being within a certain geography, meeting a minimum salary, and more.

Do Some Research

You may want to find a company that values the same things you do, or a career that will put you on the trajectory to reach your goals. Learn what kind of fields these include, and also the variation of job titles that entail this kind of work. You also need to keep in mind where you fit in with your experience level, and how that compares to your salary and benefits needs you listed out previously. (Pro tip: pull keywords and specific skills from jobs you research and would like to apply for to use in your resume.)

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

A job search checklist would not be complete without preparation! Job hunting is strategic and you need to lay the groundwork to set yourself up for success. Plus, you need to be ready should a job opportunity come your way unexpectedly. Use your self-reflection and research to come up with a resume that shows you are adequately qualified. Write a basic cover letter that you can update for each job application, and find some solid references who can bolster your reputation. Once you have all of your pre-interview materials prepared, run through common interview questions, get your elevator speech ready, and pick out your interview outfit.

Get Applying

The last step on our job search checklist is to put yourself out there! Start applying to jobs, reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn, and following up with potential leads. If you’re finding that the job market is so saturated that it’s difficult to get an interview, you may want to look into working with a job placement agency like Staff Force. We are one of the best employment agencies that takes your best interests to heart when finding you the perfect position. Learn more about Staff Force and how we can make your transition to a new job seamless and easy. Job hunting can be daunting, but if you followed our job search checklist, you’ll be hired in no time. We wish you luck in your job search! If you’re interested in finding a job sooner rather than later, though, contact us today. You won’t need luck when working with us.