How Managers Can Reduce Stress in the Workplace

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Thanks to the ever-increasing speed at which the business world runs, it is no wonder that stress creeps into the workplace every now and again. While a little bit of stress can be a good thing to keep people from becoming too lazy, too much stress often leads to a vicious cycle of mistakes, frustration, and anger that significantly slow down a business’ operations. Staff Force, your Dallas employment agency, offers up a few ways that managers can reduce stress in the workplace.


Be Clear and Concise, Avoid Ambiguity

When you communicate with your employees, do not be vague. When they do not understand the full scope or context of a situation, you inject fear, worry, and doubt. This can cause a positive situation to appear negative, and a negative situation to appear far worse than it actually is. If your employees are asking themselves, “What did I do wrong? Did I create a problem without realizing? Am I in trouble? Am I going to be fired?”, you are contributing to a stressful work environment.

Organize Your Communication, Respond in a Timely Manner

The constant barrage of communication we receive daily can be daunting. In 2015, an average of 205 billion emails were sent every day and at the time, it was estimated that in 2019 we’d be sending an average of 246 billion emails each day. Already in 2017, that number has reached over 260 billion per day. On top of phone calls, texts, and social media, communication can often be overwhelming. As a manager, it’s important not to completely swear off or shut out communication for a few days to get more work done. To be a good leader and limit stress in the workplace, you need to respond to your employee’s time-sensitive messages in a timely manner.

Refrain from Micromanagement

Just as neglecting communication leads to increased stress for your employees, over-communication and unyielding monitoring of employee activity will cause them to feel mistrusted, apprehensive, and scrutinized. Allow your employees to thrive in their autonomy and work with them to establish a schedule of progress meetings.


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