Qualities of a Good Candidate

Qualities of a Good Candidate

Excellent employers go beyond hiring the first applicant who meets the minimum requirements. They are not searching for a person who will clock in, do the bare basics, and clock back out. Employers are on the hunt for individuals who not only fulfill job requirements, but also possess the qualities of a good candidate.

When preparing for your interview, we recommend highlighting the following qualities that apply to you.

Four Qualities of a Good Candidate


In most work environments, you can expect to have to work with others at some point. This may mean collaborating on a project, working with a regular team, or having to communicate with other levels of the company. You can highlight your teamwork skills by describing a time you worked well with others in the past and how your teamwork was successful.


Being able to communicate clearly and confidently is critical at all levels of a job. Whether through email, over the phone, or face to face, your potential employer will gauge how you express your ideas, the efficiency of how you speak or write, and your body language if they can see you. Therefore, we recommend consistently taking the time to edit any written communication, listening and responding thoughtfully when speaking, and utilizing open body language.


One of the top qualities of a great candidate is self-motivation. Employers don’t want to have to hold your hand forever. We recommend explaining times when you went above and beyond the job, took point on a project, or took action to improve a flawed system successfully. These explanations demonstrate that your future employer can trust you to self-manage and be effective even when they aren’t around.


Integrity in the business world means that the individual possesses impeccable honesty, a driven work ethic, respect for those around them, responsibility for their actions, and pride in their work. Each of these characteristics are qualities of a good candidate a potential employer will look for. We encourage you to reflect on your past work experience to find examples of each that you can share in an interview.

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